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Téma: Patchnotes

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    06.23-án ismét frissítés. Néhányan nem kapták meg a 100 pontot, hiába teljesítették a feladatokat. Ez most javítva lesz.
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Bug fixes:
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1589: Daily Quests: Raid an unoccupied oasis / Raiding/attacking a natarian village did not count correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1610: Daily Quests: It was not possible for players to get 100 points when those points were gathered within the minute of the daily reset. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1636: Daily Quests: Attack/Raid oasis + natars: The counter stopped at 1/3. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1570: Alliance: Forum: Survey results graph did not work. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1611: Alliance: Diplomacy: 48 hours protection after leaving an alliance counted to ex NAP members. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1480: Alliance: Invitation: IGM can't be send more than once. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1579: Town Hall: Celebration: It was possible to start a celebration, then conquer the own village and instantly start a new celebration. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1594: Tutorial: The step "close the window" did not trigger at the first time.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1591: Player: Ignore List: A deleted player was not removed from other players' ignore list automatically. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-47: Mobile: Popup windows: square info button is too close to "x" button. Fixed.

    Ha minden igaz, akkor végre javítva van az oázis és natar támadásos dolog, így mindenki megkapja érte a pontszámot.
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    TRAIVBXXIV-1389 Adventures: Hero disappears when adventure expires while he is on it

    TRAIVBXXIV-1451 Quest: Battle_05 becomes obsolete sometimes
    TRAIVBXXIV-1455 Registration: Edge case with "Wrong password" and players who cannot login

    TRAIVBXXIV-1640 Solve the "starvation while truce" issue - so players don't loose troops when they shouldn't
    TRAIVBXXIV-1699 Payment Ban: Infobox and returning troops event aren't deleted
    TRAIVBXXIV-1703 Profile: Language flag: Wrong flag for Thailand Needs Rework

    TRAIVBXXIV-1507 T4.4: Trade routes to artefact villages do still start even when the artefact is moved to another village

    TRAIVBXXIV-1425 Truce: Combat and starvation cases
    TRAIVBXXIV-1457 Sending troops: it should not be possible to send more than 3 outgoing attacks in 1 second
    TRAIVBXXIV-1714 Rally Point: Village: Coordinates are shown instead of name
    TRAIVBXXIV-1715 Password: The "Password forgotten" email contains only [LINK] instead of the link

    TRAIVBXXIV-1739 GTL: email contains only [LINK] instead of the link
    TRAIVBXXIV-1740 Refer a friend: E-mail contains [GAMEWORLD]

    TRAIVBXXIV-1551 Replace the deletion warning with a information text - so the information the players get are in line with the way the deletion works.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1702 Support link should point to helpcenter - to be able to support multilingual worlds
    TRAIVBXXIV-1741 Replace the deletion warning with a information text - so the information the players get are in line with the way the deletion works.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1742 RallyPoint: Send Troops: Hero table cell greyed out

    03.08.2015 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- pt, bg, hu

    Leállás várható ideje: 30-90 perc!
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Ebben a hónapban várható javítások:

    - Hero item: water bucket: water bucket tooltip now shows the cooldown of the item after a bucket was used.
    - IGM: The information popup that your IGM is not sent because it contains blacklisted words, is now shown in the IGM editing page, so you don't need to write the whole IGM again and you can just change it.
    - Map: Flag limit raised from 20 to 100.

    - Marketplace: Trade routes: Merchants run at a wrong time. Another try to fix this problem.
    - Confederacy: Artifacts: Trade Routes are not deleted after confederacy relationship ended. Fixed.
    - Oasis: Loyalty: Abandoned oasis keep old loyalty values after conquering. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: Skip tutorial: "Unknown id" popup appears after registering. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: Hints get automatically disabled. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: Red circles around hints disappear after closing tutorial popup. Fixed.
    - Quest: Hero adventure: Wrong order of adventure quests. Fixed.
    - Reports: Archive: Deleting report does not work properly under certain circumstances. Fixed.
    - Reports: performance issue when opening report page. Fixed.
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Kizárólag csak a szülinapi szervert érintő változások (hu19):

    - Statisztika: győzelmi pontok: nem naprakész a győzelmi pontok kijelzése a statisztikában
    - Alkimista üst: nyersanyag napi limit 2000 lesz (4000 helyett)*egy falu esetében ennyi a limit, több falu esetén ez többszöröződik, pl. vas termelésnél 5 falu esetén 3500 a max.

    Frissítés várható időpontja: 2015. szeptember 16. 05:00 CEST UTC+2 hours

    Várható időtartama: kb. 2 óra
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Vanilla Features
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1886 Reports: Archive: Clickable envelope icon duplication issue. Fixed by feature change. Archived reports can only be deleted from now on. They can't be moved back to the inbox.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1882 Reports: Displayed amount of reports limited to 50000 so that player does not wait on slow pages.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1599 Farm list: When opening the farm list page then instead of opening all farm lists of the currently active village (old behavior) now only the first farm list of the current village is opened. If you open another farm list, then currently open farm lists close automatically.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1903 Player deletion: optimized inactive player deletion to increase performance.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1942 Overhauled account deletion enabled.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1801 Cron execution order optimized.

    Vanilla Bugfixes
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1613 Player Profile: Change Name: Wrong popup text when no password is entered. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1832 Rally Point: If you change number of entries per page, it does not apply if you enable a filter. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1453 Quest: Reward: Amount of ointments shown twice. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1744 Quest: Build an embassy: cannot be finished without page refresh. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1066 Multilingual: Player invites player doesn't work between different game worlds with same main page. Gold is not given. Fixed. (there are still 2 other bugs about similar problems: TRAIVBXXIV-1430 no link is created, TRAIVBXXIV-1919 data are not updated)
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1806 Main Building: Demolish completely button is not centered in popup. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1909 Hero: Adventures: Hero stuck on adventures. Another reason found and fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1831 Reports: Hero: Reinforcing a village with only the hero causes report to show wrong duration. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1861 Embassy: Missing error message when joining an alliance that has no free member slot. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1897 Natars: WW drops suddenly from level X to 0. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1937 Production details: Crop Balance: 'Population and construction orders' value does not include construction orders amount. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1893 Reports: Reports marked as archived are not copied correctly. Fixed.

    Scattered Empire Features & Bugfixes
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1900 Forwarding: When forwarding just scouts you are able to choose between scouting options. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1913 Cauldron: Prizes of the same type get stacked now so that overview and usability gets improved.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1915 Cauldron: New better more awesome prize icons and animations! [http://www.tg-team.com/images/smilies/smile.gif]
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1916 Cauldron: Usage of Cauldron prizes improved by implementing a combined confirmation and "amount to be used" popup.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1889 Cauldron: Text in Main UI box can overflow into button area depending on language. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1950 Cauldron: Resource prize tooltip can show incorrect information. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1956 Cauldron: Reset time for prizes incorrect. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1607 Alliance overview now shows for your own alliance if an alliance member is under attack.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1926 Alliance overview: Foreign alliance description and 3 tabs are missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1925 Embassy: text error "gid27.treasuryLowerCase" if you do not have a treasury. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1960 Victory Points: Victory Points do not get calculated sometimes because event 73 gets stuck. Fixed. (Workaround by TS is already live.)

    23.09.2015 ~14:00 GMT+2 -- PTR/COM70 (done)
    24.09.2015 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- SE Team/GQ19
    28.09.2015 -- DE6, COM5, CZ19, RU19
    01.10.2015 -- DE19, COM19, CZ3, RU5
    05.10.2015 -- DE, COM, CZ, RU
    07/08.10.2015 -- global
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Vanilla Features (should all affect also the scattered empire version)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1478 - its now possible to use passwords up to 100 signs to register/login
    TRAIVBXXIV-1374 - Embassy tooltip : The amount of invitations should be shown even if the player is in an alliance
    TRAIVBXXIV-1609 - the WW villages in the non-grey area will have 50% more troops (than the ww villages in the grey area)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1514 - trade routes are now sorted by start time - so the player gets a better overview
    TRAIVBXXIV-1994 - As GD - I want to leave farm lists entries open - to react on players feedback.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1977 - a second paginator above the messages was added to the message and report page
    TRAIVBXXIV-1377 - "mark as read"-button inside of "marked as deleted" reports added - so that players can restore their reports.

    Vanilla Bugfixes (should all affect also the scattered empire version)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1963 - Tutorial: Skipping tutorial has issues
    TRAIVBXXIV-1969 - Messages: Deleted messages reappear after sending a new message
    TRAIVBXXIV-1986 - Artefact of the Fool: Crop consumption reduction does not work
    TRAIVBXXIV-1990 - Rally Point: Farmlist: Sorting is incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1995 - Alliance: Profile: "Under attack" icon visible in non scattered empire gameworlds -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2040 - Rally Point: Farmlist: Many entries causes fatal error
    TRAIVBXXIV-1997 - Natars: WW is sometimes built twice as fast
    TRAIVBXXIV-1955 - Rally Point: Troop movements get stuck on 0:00:00
    TRAIVBXXIV-1952 - Vacation mode: End time is wrong
    TRAIVBXXIV-2026 - WW village : Great granary and great warehouse are not displayed while having a main building below level 10

    Scattered Empire Features
    TRAIVBXXIV-1947 - Alchemist's Cauldron : new prize added : hero's adventure
    TRAIVBXXIV-1946 - Alchemist's Cauldron : new prize added : hero speed up. works only for adventure
    TRAIVBXXIV-1948 - Alchemist's Cauldron : new prize added : finish troop training, sepperated for barracks and stable
    TRAIVBXXIV-1949 - Alchemist's Cauldron : new prize added : free smithy upgrade. This prize can only upgrade troops which are eligible for a normal upgrade.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2017 - Alchemist's Cauldron : icons for the new prizes added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1944 - Alchemist's Cauldron : new animation
    TRAIVBXXIV-1967 - Alchemist's Cauldron : change on the balancing values - as a reaction on players feedback
    TRAIVBXXIV-1976 - added a tooltip in the "won prizes"-tab for not usable prizes
    TRAIVBXXIV-1981 - the Victory Statistics Page was polished
    TRAIVBXXIV-1996 - a popup was added to the "finish troop training" prize if there are no troops in training
    TRAIVBXXIV-1978 - current status of a region in the region detail view added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1979 - tooltip to alliance profiles "In Regional Top 5"-tab added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1970 - information if a region is still locked added to the statistics page
    TRAIVBXXIV-1973 - Alchemist's Cauldron : If the prize effect is not applied successfully, the actual amount of prizes should be returned to the user pot inventory

    Scattered Empire Bugfixes
    TRAIVBXXIV-1965 - Alchemist's Cauldron : Resource prize tooltip shows error
    TRAIVBXXIV-1966 - Alchemist's Cauldron : Travian Plus : Prize tooltip incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1975 - Regional overview table displays wrong information
    TRAIVBXXIV-1982 - Rally Point: Oasis: Merge troops option visible
    TRAIVBXXIV-1950 - Alchemist's Cauldron : Resource prize tooltip can show incorrect information
    TRAIVBXXIV-1993 - Alchemist's Cauldron : 'Prizes to Win' are missing blank icons
    TRAIVBXXIV-1991 - Alchemist's Cauldron : 7 day resource bonus prize icon is incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1971 - If you have no treasury in your active village, artifact names will show a tooltip instead of being only not clickable
    TRAIVBXXIV-2049 - Player deletion: Forwarded troops are not properly returned
    TRAIVBXXIV-1951 - Village Details: Natar capital has a missing image
    TRAIVBXXIV-2055 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: Troops in conquered oasis will not cost crop at all
    TRAIVBXXIV-2057 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: If you change alliance, the automatic troop return while forwarding does not always work
    TRAIVBXXIV-2058 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: Troops in oasis cannot be forwarded back to village
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Changelog & Rollout of Game release Legends Mammoth
    Game Legends Mammoth-53.5 #2418

    TRAIVBXXIV-2157 - Scattered Empire : troop forwarding : sometimes troops are getting lost while sending them home -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2158 - Scattered Empire : troop forwarding : Wrong display of speed of troops regarding artifact effect and tournament square -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2160 - Scattered Empire : troop forwarding : forwarding partially does not take hero with them -> fixed
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    Scattered Empire only:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2080 - Wheel: Race Condition -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2091 - Wheel of Fortune: "finish troop training" for barracks and stable prizes have wrong amount -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2090 - Hero: While on the way as being forwarded, the hero has two different statuses -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2085 - Rally Point: Sitters cannot forward troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1868 - Region Overview: RTL version is the other way round -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1890 - Gold features: Activating large regional power button is not disabled when not enough gold -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2116 - Region shows wrong amount of inhabitants -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2158 - Forward troops: Wrong display of speed of troops regarding artifact effect and tournament square -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2160 - Forward troops: forwarding partially does not take hero with them -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2051 - Firefox: Wheel: Black frame reappears -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2157 - troop forwarding : troops get lost -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2172 - Troop forwarding: Troops in oasis cannot be forwarded -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2019 - Statistics->region : the search was improved and should now work like on other statistic tabs
    TRAIVBXXIV-2128 - Wheel: Call to Arms Stable/barracks prize doesn't show amount when won -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2131 - Wheel: Issue with the 'apply prize' input field -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2118 - Wheel: Hero's Speed Up also affects returning troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2117 - Wheel: Payment ban: Players are not redirected correctly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2209 - Wheel: it was possible to cheat resources -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2217 - Territorial: Merging Troops: Gold Feature: sometimes Gold is subtracted twice -> fixed

    TRAIVBXXIV-2015 - Map: add to farmlist : button now visible even if the village is already on a farmlist
    TRAIVBXXIV-9 - Reports: Attacks of natars are containing unnecessary information
    TRAIVBXXIV-2097 - Map: village popup : the distance to the current active village was added
    TRAIVBXXIV-2144 - The resource drop amount of adventures was increased
    TRAIVBXXIV-2120 - player settings: an option to choose between the old and the new farmlist behavior was added
    Travian Team

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    Administrator Gyevocska's Avatar
    2007. Dec


    TRAIVBXXIV-54 - Reports: Alliance: If you attack yourself with no losses, alliance sees the complete report -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-70 - Hero: Inventory: Artwork disappears if you type "0" in artwork -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1952 - Vacation mode: End time is wrong -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-198 - Sysmessage: "Maintenance" and "Server overload" are in the wrong language -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2049 - Player deletion: Forwarded troops are not properly returned -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-927 - Profile: Language flag: Registration: new registered accounts have moldavian flag as default flag, no matter which country -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-925 - IMG: Message shows BB-code tags if languages differ -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2086 - Alliance: Reports: Member raids are shown as normal attacks -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2107 - Building: Academy: orange text even if you meet expectations of researching troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-495 - Crop Balance: Consumption of own troops: PopUp shows wrong consumption when diet control artefact is activated -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-953 - Settings: Sitter: Blank popup when clicking on entered player for same computer usage -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1070 - Rallypoint: Wrong tooltip for link "send back" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1196 - Hero: Auctions: two different messages for "only 5 auctions at a time" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1352 - Hero: Exchange office: Missing "Enter" function in gold and silver converting -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1635 - UI: Alliance box: Player name: Link is not bold -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2036 - Firefox: Payment Shop: CSS broken -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-527 - UI: Layout: Hero: Adventures: Bubble in user interface shows different number of adventures than there actually is -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-78 - Player Profile: Sitter: Missing warning text if an inscriped player is already sitter of two accounts -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-72 - Marketplace: Trade routes: Creating "empty" trade route should not be possible -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2088 - Village: Deletion: Troops in transit to deleted village/oases return to their home village instantly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1210 - Auctions: timer in "Bid" tab stops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1378 - Registration: Account creation can collide with an settling event -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1992 - Village statistics: Tab culture points: villages in the grey area have a culture production -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2105 - Attacking natarian troops will now go back to the natarian capital village if they survived the attack -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2142 - parts of the Contact Support page are not clickable -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2147 - Account: New deletion seems to be not working -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2219 - Town Hall: Celebration does not affect chief loyalty damage calculation -> fixed

    09.11.2015 ~10:00 GMT +1 -- HU, ID, IL, IN, IT
    Travian Team

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